Oral Presentations / Poster Presentations

The 2015 WCPG Program Committee will select oral and poster finalists from all early career investigator applications.  The authors will have an opportunity to compete for one of three Oral Presentation Awards or Poster Presentation Awards.  From the list of finalists, a panel of referees will select the winners at the 2015 World Congress. Additionally, one senior researcher will serve as a mentor to one or two early career investigators.  The mentor and investigator will have an opportunity to establish contact prior to the meeting.

The 2015 Poster and Oral Presentation awardees are:  

Poster Awardees: 

  • Leon French, Rotman Research Institute –  A Freesurfer View of the Cortical Transcriptome Generated from the Allen Human Brain Atlas
  • Muneko Kataoka, RIKEN Brain Science Institute – Exome Sequencing Identifies De Novo Mutations in Bipolar Disorder
  • Harish Ganipaneni Parvathaiah, Health Services for Executives, Ireland – Molecular Characterization of Neurons in Pak7 Mutant Mice

Oral Awardees:

  • Vernei Anttila, Massachusetts General Hospital – Cross-Disorder Heritability Analysis of 23 Brain Diseases Reveals Novel Patterns of Shared Genetic Background between Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases
  • Menachem Fromer, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai– RNA-Sequencing of Multiple Cortical Regions from >500 Brains of Schizophrenia Patients and Controls Implicates Genes Overlapping Genetic Associations and Elucidates Genetic Risk
  • Raquel Iniesta, Ph.D., King’s College London– Combining Clinical and Genetic Variables to Predict Antidepressant Treatment Response: A Machine Learning Approach